Our group has a lot of members that fit the category of retiring soon.

I have met a lot of retirees who just want to drink beer and play golf. My hopes are that they have enough money to get them through the ages or until alcohol kills them. Others keep working because they don’t have anything better to do. Most don’t believe their savings will last till they pass. Learning to make money online is a perfect thing for retirees to do, as a man or a woman or as husband and wife. The skills being taught is not a get rich quick scheme. One of my friends said he has his money in a safe place making 2.5%. My money was in a safe place last year and I made 19.01%. With training and a strategy, you can put a large margin of safety on your money. Yet you must be able to manage it and not be an unconscious investor. 



 By being an educated investor, the returns are soo much greater. Other than small cost for the education, the returns can be significant. For instance, 2019 I was at a 19% return. In 2016, before joining the group I ended up at an 8% return. No idea how that happened other than it was an election year. In 2018 I ended the year at 17%. So, on every $100k I had increased my yearly revenue by $10,000. If I had a million dollars for retirement and I make 3% I would make $30k. If I have a million dollars and I can make 19% on my money, I will make $190,000   

I think of people who tell me they are going to flip houses to make money. To me that is crazy. The amount of time needed to find a house, make relationships with contractors, give someone cash for the old house, possibly borrow money to refurbish the house, then must sell the house. Wow, that is a lot of work and to me, its gambling. I have a friend that lived in Phoenix, she bought a couple of houses. She told me how one of her houses had appreciated $200k. Not long after, the housing crisis hit, she had to short sell both of her houses, one she lived in and filed bankruptcy. 

I flipped house for a while. It sucked. I would say for time I worked on the house along with the money sank into the houses the returns were pathetic. So much work to update the old crap in an old house. Gives me the shivers. To think people believe this is the only way to make money.