Commercial Pilot or Prelude Investor?

Mark Clark the owner of Profits Acceleration was once a commercially rated pilot. His experienced eduldge in many of the daunting tasks including: downtime waiting for passengers, waiting for WX or waiting for the AP.  During these idle times of the job Mark soon realized how the financial market conveniently mixed with his past experiences as a pilot. 



" It was so exciting to land ,and get my passenger to the FBO. My passenger went to his meeting, I was on my computer. My passenger said it would be about 3 hours for meeting and lunch. That was fine with me. While my passenger was doing his thing, I made $200 in the Emini market. Keep in mind, I was a greenhorn, and, like flying, I am still learning."



"You learn to read your gauges, you learn to fly straight and level, you learn to adjust as your skills get better and go onto IFR and commercial training. 

Before I learned the trading skill, I remember flying into Mena, AR with a small single engine just ahead of a storm. While I was in Mena I met a pilot and co-pilot waiting for their passengers. We had a great conversation for probably 3 hours. They told me about Berry Seal and all the money that came into Mena due to Berry’s smuggling efforts. It was a fun time, yet when sitting in an empty FBO wishing you had something to do, trading is the way to go. No employees, no inventory, no brick and mortar, no equipment, just a computer and internet. It’s a beautiful thing. "