Need FINANCIAL Literacy? Hear is where it starts for most of


 The reason I joined the group was because I finally decided at the age of 55 I better figure out how much money I really have, how much money I am going to need, and how I was going to fill the gap. I was hoping there was no gap and I would be retiring soon.   

That is called the unconscious investor. I was soooo far from retirement that when I did take the time to find out what I possessed all I could think about was how I was going to have to work for the rest of my life. Not a good feeling.   

I was lost when it came to the financial markets, even with a master’s degree. Chris Rock, the comedian, said, “I dropped out of school in the 10th grade. I might as well have dropped out in the 2nd grade because had I dropped out in the 2nd grade; I would have more work experience for the same job”. How true of words. I was just as confused about money when I got out of high school as I was when I got my master’s degree except, I had spent $40k to $50k to buy an almost useless education. 


 I had put together a spreadsheet with all my money in the different accounts, personal checking, business checking, retirement account and even PayPal. Once I had it compiled, I would look at my retirement account and I would see it go up, then I would see it go down. I had no control of my destiny. 


 I had heard about the group on a radio station. What caught my attention was the learning opportunity to make money when the markets were going up or going down. I had heard the stories of people making money in the markets beyond the typical 5% so I called and got two free sessions.  It changed my life. Now I do know how to make money on the downside as easily as making money on the upside. I am not a real smart person and it doesn’t take exceptional intelligence to learn to make money. What people need is training and a support group to keep you out of trouble.